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Our Sustainability

We’re here to help make your zero-waste lifestyle easier, so you can focus on the things that matter most. 

Why Cotton?

The fashion industry uses cotton for a number of reasons. Firstly, cotton is a natural and renewable resource, making it a sustainable choice for clothing production. It is also biodegradable, so it does not contribute to pollution or waste when disposed of properly. Secondly, cotton is a soft, breathable, and durable fabric, making it comfortable and long-lasting for clothing. It is also versatile, as it can be used in a wide range of clothing styles and colors. Thirdly, cotton is easy to care for and maintain, as it is machine-washable and does not require special treatment. This makes it a convenient choice for consumers, as they can easily wash and care for their cotton clothing at home. Finally, cotton is widely available and affordable, making it a cost-effective choice for fashion companies. Its widespread availability also means that it can be sourced from various regions, allowing fashion companies to diversify their supply chain and reduce the risk of disruptions.

Overall, the use of cotton in the fashion industry is driven by its sustainability, comfort, versatility, ease of care, and affordability.

Reusable Packaging

The most powerful way to be sustainable is to buy less, but when you do buy products, choose those with reusable packaging. We strive to provide the best shopping experience with three layers of packaging, let’s take a look!

  1. Zipper Plastic Bag; the outermost layer that protects your favorite product to the fullest. Most importantly, the added protection can extend the life of the product by protecting it from dust, dirt or water.

There are infinite uses for this convenient and packable zipper plastic bag. You can use it for daily needs to store items that are not waterproof or to store clothes or shoes for traveling.

2. Small Laundry Bag; the second layer that is made from spunbond fabric and equipped with a zipper. It is suitable to protect your delicate clothing, so they don’t get dusty.

You can reuse our small  laundry bag to store dirty clothes or or to keep your small bag or purse from getting moldy or dusty.

3. Exclusive Resealable Plastic; the innermost layer provides stylish protection to your product. The secret to our resealable plastic is this simple squeeze and pull apart top, which enables these handy package to be used again and again.

Our  zip-lock packaging can be reused for a host of different purposes such as storing linens and small items like toiletries when traveling. It also allows you to package multiple products together in bulk such as underwear, t-shirts, and socks.

Our packaging is meant to be kept and reused.

 The more you use it, the better it gets.

Exchange your old knitwear with a new one.

Fill this form and we will send a voucher worth IDR 50.000 for every knitwear that you exchange after we receive your package.

The knitwear you want to exchange must be in good condition, so we can give to people in need through our partners.

Choose one of the knitwear you want to exchange

Repair Your Knitwear

We give you better choices to make our step to become a zero-waste fashion brand a reality. We can repair your knitwear, so you can use it again with confidence.

There are skill limitations for some damages with knitting that we can’t fix. We’d like you to send us a picture of the knitwear part you’d like to repair.


Types of damage that we can repair are only minor damage, such as:

  1. Body seam, sleeves or collar that are partially removed
  2. Knits that are loose from the track pattern
  3. Knitted rib that is off the track
  4. Buttons that are loose or  missing


Types of damage we cannot repair, such as:

  1. Holes due to puncture, either intentional or unintentional
  2. Discoloration due to use or washing
  3. Resize
  4. Changing the zipper
Note: All Shipping costs are borne by the customer.
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